costruzione befana piazza bra verona brusa la vecia 2013 Piazza Bra

La costruzione della Befana – Guerrino Lovato

La costruzione della Befana gigante in Piazza Bra, stamattina, ad opera dell’artista veneziano Guerrino Lovato aiutato da Donato De Simone, Sandro Bigi, Stefano Fiaccadori e Daniele Palmeri.

Guerrino Lovato:

Lovato ha realizzato le maschere per la scena dell’orgia nel film di Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut con Tom Cruise e Nicole Kidman

The masks from “Eyes Wide Shut”

Learn how Stanley Kubrick’s art director visited Guerrino’s workshop in Venice to buy some masks needed for the film “Eyes Wide Shut”. She bought several models to be used in the central scene where Tom Cruise, as an infiltrated,  takes part to a fancy dress party in a lost bewildering place, far away from the city. Many of them appear in the movie and four are in the foreground, credited by a full screen close up that underlines the dramatic atmosphere of the act. You only find these masks on exhibit at The Mondonovo Heritage Museum and on this site.
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