20141225 Andrey Liapin Ballet Moscow dismappa Accessibile è meglio

Andrey Liapin per Accessibile è meglio

Andrey Liapin del Ballet of Moscow al termine di “Giulietta e Romeo” al Teatro Nuovo di Verona

Lyapin Andrey He was born in 1978 in Tashkent city (Uzbekistan). He entered the Uzbek Ballet School in 1988 and graduated it in 1996 and obtained the distinction in school final examinations. The same year he joined as a soloist the State Academic Theatre named after A.Navoi. He was performing the leading roles in the ballets ”Cinderella”, “Don Quixote”, “Le Corsaire”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Carmen” etc. With this company he was performing the leading roles in the following ballets: “Dame aux Camelia”, “Blue Beard”, “Swan Lake”, “Per Guint”, “Carmina Burana”, “Carmen” and etc. He is a dancer of an original artistic individuality. He has a command in drama acting skills as well as special dancing techniques. He was performing in the following countries: USA, Italy, Cyprus, Malaysia, Argentina, Taiwan, China, and Thailand. This year Andrey Lyapin joined La Classique and this is his first tour abroad with La Classique.

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