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Concerto Black Voices al Teatro Ristori

Venerdì 7 Dicembre, ore 20.30


Teatro Ristori di Verona

concerto black voices verona teatro ristori

103a STAGIONE CONCERTISTICA 2012-2013 Società amici della Musica 

Black Voices: dal Gospel alle Nuove Musiche

Black Voices: Celia Wickham-Anderson,  Evon Johnson-Elliot, Genevieve Sulva, Jennifer Wallace, Sandra Francis e Shereece Storrod.

Le Black Voices, figlie di immigrati in Inghilterra nel periodo del dopoguerra, in cerca di una loro identità trovarono riscontri positivi in tutti gli stili della musica nera tanto che  l’attuale repertorio continua a riflettere le vite di un’intera comunità nera internazionale. Molti membri hanno incominciato a cantare in chiesa e questa esperienza ha dato una grande impronta alla fondazione del gruppo.

Le Black Voices offrono un repertorio che comprende spirituals e musica folk contemporanea composta dallo stesso gruppo.

Le Black Voices su myspace (si possono ascoltare alcune canzoni)

Quietly and gently, informally and gradually, Black Voices was nurtured under the directorship of Carol Pemberton and Bob Ramdhanie. Since 1987, they steered Black Voices into one of the most solid performance and teaching companies, sharing a cappella, primarily from Africa but also throughout the Diaspora. The company is inspired by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Mahalia Jackson and Take Six, to name a few, but since inception, has forged its own dynamic way of distilling and re-presenting black music from a Caribbean, black British perspective. Grounded in the black church, the group presents a cappella, both sacred and secular, which is always challenging and entertaining. From spirituals to gospel, African to Caribbean, blues and jazz, Black Voices is firmly rooted in music that energises and uplifts, challenges and educates. The company hosted and presented its own a cappella series on BBC Radio 2, has performed on radio and television in numerous countries around the world, has produced several CDs, and has researched, produced, directed and performed in many international collaborations.

Carol Pemberton and Bob Ramdhanie maintained an unbroken presence in the company up to 2011, forging a global path presenting rich, powerful harmonies across cultures, genders, ages and beliefs. Currently, the group operates as a professional collective, but maintains its tradition of performing as a quintet.

Black Voices describe their repertoire as ‘a carefully woven tapestry covering a broad spectrum of musical styles’ and they continually add new threads of colour to their rich fabric of oral music.

Consistently honed over the last two and a half decades, their music transcends age, race, gender or religious persuasion. Black Voices has an extensive repertoire of traditional songs from Africa, jazz, gospel, pop, Motown, Caribbean and English folk.